If you're looking for a rugged industrial built CNC machine that delivers incredible precision, and speed, this is it. The ex-plasma XT is one heavy duty cutting machine. Delivering traverse speeds of up to 1500 IPM on a ruggedly built, heavy duty I-beam construction frame.



  • Dual Side Drive
  • 1kW Powerful Servo Drive Motors
  • Rack and Pinion X&Y axis
  • 8" Ball Screw Lifter
  • Full Welded Frame
  • Heavy Wall steel Tube Gantry
  • Steel Pinion Gears
  • 18" X 35lb Wide Flange Construction
  • Heat Treated Vacuum Hardened V-Groove Linear guide rails
  • Enclosed Cable Track
  • Enclosed Base
  • Lowered Rails
  • Extended Y Axis Rails

(Plasma not included. This will depend on customers application)



Traverse Speeds: 1500 IPM
Vertical positioning Speed: 150 IPM
Positioning Accuracy: .002"
Cutting Accuracy: (+/-) .005"
Travel for Torch Positioning: 8" Stroke
Maximum Number of Plasma Stations: 2
Maximum Number of Oxy Fuel Stations: 10
 Maximum Plasma Production Capacity: 3" Mild Steel
 Maximum Oxy Fuel Production Capacity:  3" Mild Steel



Available Machine Sizes

Minimum Width: 5 Feet
Maximum Width: 12 Feet
Minimum Length: 10 Feet
Maximum Length: 40 Feet

Trademark of ezRouter, the ultimate heavy duty CNC plasma cutter for high production and precision.


ez plasma cutter xt


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Extremely Smooth & Accurate

Precision has a lot to do with smooth traverse action. You get all that and more from the ezPlasma XT CNC plasma cutter.

ez Router CNC machines are designed with the American company in mind with high quality parts, engineering and economy of precision.